Falina Sinopah Artworks


About the Artist and Artwork


Falina has been bound to the wilderness since her first steps of childhood on the trails of Glacier National Park. Steps became miles long and miles high. Having spent her formative decades in the Rocky Mountains, full of windburned cheeks, berry-stained hands, alpine starts, and summit naps, Falina now unites her lifelong art pursuits and relationship with wilderness to share experiences of intimacy within the immensity of the landscape.


Falina paints wildernesses en plein air while on casual outings and summit scrambles alike. Plein air painting is the challenging deliberate practice of painting outside from life. It requires presence, observation, authoritative mark making and color mixing, and adaptability to changing light and environmental factors. Falina carries a compact pochade box with essential colors and tools along on her adventures to render striking moments directly. The result of this practice and her local knowledge are energetic honest landscapes, resonant with spirit of place.


Falina also produces a studio practice characterized by confident gesture and color use. These paintings are often drawn from personal experiences with the vistas, flora, and fauna of Glacier National Park. She is careful to depict accurate plants, geography, and creatures appropriate for season, time of day, habitat, and area. The paintings are built in successive washes of thin to thick layers of oil paint while maintaining elements of each layer to culminate into images with depth and vitality.  


By making her account of these untamed vistas into tangible works of art she brings tender moments with wilderness to everyday life. She also hopes that by sharing her unique perspective she will also share her love of wild places, wildlife, and wild ways of living.

You can purchase original plein air paintings, fine art prints, notecards, and stickers from the shop on this website. If you are interested in an original you don't see here or commissioned painting, please contact Falina at artistfalina@gmail.com. You can also see original artwork at various establishments around the Flathead Valley, Montana. Including many of her original studio artworks and plein air paintings currently on display at Spotted Bear Spirits in Whitefish Montana.