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Falina Sinopah Lintner is an emerging oil painter working en plein air (on scene, outdoors, from life, in a single session) as well as within the studio and, in private/public spaces. Many of her subjects are captured on outings year round in all the elements in her home area of Glacier National Park, Montana. 


Falina carries her personally designed miniature pochade box (painting kit) along on all her adventures to both intimately remote and familiar locations. She finds the often strenuous and always meditative journey to the vistas she paints to be an integral part of the process to ground herself into a fit state to complete this challenging type of practice. 


Falina frequently composes plein air paintings at rapid paces, fifteen minutes to an hour. She does this to keep up with the fleeting light, to gain mastery of translating experience into paint with authenticity and accuracy, to maintain momentum of an outing, and to limit the most challenging element of painting, one's own self. 

When not pursuing the outdoor artist life or working on the clock, Falina is making studio works by a window with nice light at home. If her plein air pieces are mementos, her studio works are memories: the moments too dear or fleeting to interrupt, colored by time and perspective.


Falina translates enchanting experiences into permanent visceral paint, sharing her rare and fleeting view of the world in the wilderness with the broader community. She hopes her passions expressed visually will connect and inspire others to protect and participate in a collaborative and conscientious life with nature.


 You can find selected works from Falina's portfoilo reproduced as prints and stickers. These are available at retail locations around Glacier National Park as well as on our online store, click the shop button to begin shopping. Contact the artist by email if you are interested in a quote for a mural, commissioned piece, a print of a piece not available in our store, or an original artwork.


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