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Falina Sinopah Artworks

artist painting next to mountain lake

About the Artist and Artwork

Falina Sinopah Lintner is a local emerging artist born and raised in and around Glacier National Park, Montana. Much of her portfolio is field and studio landscapes derived from her local area. Falina has been bound to wilderness from the start, first being carried down trails and up peaks then, taking the steps herself. Steps became miles long and miles high, days to decades...

She brings the experience and views into everyday life by uniting her love of wilderness exploring-on-foot and of art making. She renders oil paintings quickly from life while strolling and climbing alike, resulting in immediate images, vibrant with life and spirit of place.

Falina’s studio oil paintings are drawn from her knowledge of, and time spent exploring Glacier National Park’s summits and trails, past and present, flora and fauna, myths and stories, and natural history. These glowing paintings create the impression of an often reminisced slice-of-life memory. They capture the sense of nostalgia and magic many visitors to Glacier share.

If you are interested in purchasing  an original or commissioned painting, please contact Falina at You can purchase original plein air paintings, fine art prints, notecards, and Glacier National Park fine art stickers from shops around Glacier National Park. If you are interested in becoming a wholesale vendor please contact Falina. 


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