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Artist Contract of Sale

Artist: Falina Sinopah Lintner

Business: Falina Sinopah Artworks



The website transaction recipets describe the date, the place, the purchase price and the terms of payment of this contract of sale of the above mentioned original art work. However, in order to protect the future existence and use of the work, the parties must understand the following terms and conditions and the completion of the purchase of this artwork indicates the customer agrees to these terms and conditions:

  • Originality.
    The artist hereby covenants that the work is his/her original and that he/she shall not produce a painted replica of it.

  • Reproduction.
    Although the copyright in the work is retained by the artist, the buyer shall be entitled to permit the reproduction of the work in books, art magazines and exhibition catalogues. 

  • Reproduction

  • The Artist retains the right to replicate the image for the artist's financial gain in the form of various reproduction print products, flyers, self promotion, social-media, physical and digital news, exhibition catalogues​​​​​​​ etc.

  • Care of the work.
    For as long as the buyer owns the work, the buyer hereby covenants not intentionally to alter, damage or destroy the work.

  • Restoration.
    If the work is damaged, the buyer shall notify the artist and give the artist a reasonable opportunity to conduct, or supervise, the restoration of the work.

  • Artist’s exhibition.
    The buyer may be asked to lend the work to the artist once in every twelve months for a maximum period of six weeks for the purpose of inclusion in a public exhibition of the artist’s works, if the artist gives the buyer reasonable written notice of his intention to do so together with documentary evidence of insurance cover and prepaid carriage to and from the exhibition; provided that the artist ensures that the exhibiting institution identifies the work as belonging to the buyer.

  • Placement of work.
    If the buyer places the work with any person or institution for exhibition, re-sale, or any other purpose, the buyer shall immediately write to the artist stating where the work is placed.

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