Falina Sinopah Artworks


About the Artist and Artwork


Falina Sinopah Lintner is an emerging oil painter born and raised in the area of Glacier National Park, Montana. Falina shares moments worth living in a place worth loving, in the language she knows best. With intimacy and authenticity, Falina captures moments from a life in the wild with paintings made both on scene and in the studio. Falina’s paintings are stylistically themed by energetic gesture, resonant lighting, bold use of color, and evident pleasure in mark-making.


Falina carries her handmade miniature pochade box along on all her hikes and climbs as well as casual outings to both remote and familiar areas. She finds the journey to the vistas to be an integral part of the process to center her into a fit state to complete this challenging art form. She works with oils to paint directly from life on small, 3x5, 4x6, or 5x7 pieces of carton paper. This deliberate practice is in-part performed to gain mastery of effortless observation and mark-making. Falina focuses on what IS and attempts to translate it directly to paint in order to encapsulate an art-worthy moment that she had the privilege to be truly present for.


Falina begins her studio process by referring to her personal experiences that made her heart sing in the places she values most. She looks to her own experiences and memories, and plein air paintings and photographs as well as myth, geology, natural history, and art history to create large scale compositions. She then works in progressive layers beginning with a pencil sketch, followed by thin washes of oil color, and ending with thick visceral brush strokes. The culminating landscapes, although realistic, have a dreamlike quality of mysticism and reverence. 


Falina has received an abundance of value from a life lived ethically exploring wilderness. She believes the visual language is the most clear and authentic way she knows to share her experiences and sentiments. She hopes that by making her artwork accessible to others they too will share in the benefits she has received, and in her passion to preserve these places, their inhabitants, and value of living a mindful life within them.

You can purchase fine art prints, notecards, and stickers from the shop on this website. If you are interested in an original artwork or commissioned painting, please contact Falina at artistfalina@gmail.com. You can also see original artwork at various establishments around the Flathead Valley, Montana. Including many of her original studio artworks and plein air paintings currently on display at Spotted Bear Spirits in Whitefish Montana. 


Falina working on Sunset Over Amazon Mur