Falina Sinopah Artworks

Miniature Plein Air Paintings from Glacier National Park and Surrounding Areas, Montana


These oil plein air paintings are completed from life, on scene, in a single session, during wilderness excursions both humble and grand in the artist's local area at the Crown of the Continent. Falina carries her handmade miniature pochade box along on all her hikes and climbs as well as daily outings to both remote and familiar areas. She finds the journey to the vistas to be an integral part of the process to center her into a fit state to complete this challenging art form. She works with oils on small 3x5 or 5x7 pre-toned carton paper to paint directly from life without sketching. This deliberate practice is performed to gain mastery of effortless observation and painting. Falina focuses on what IS and attempts to translate it directly to paint in order to encapsulate a moment that she had the privilege to be truly present for.