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art by: Falina Sinopah Lintner

Plein Air Paintings

A portfolio of plein air paintings by local Glacier Park Artist, Falina Sinopah Lintner. These original oil paintings are painted from life, on scene, in a single session, during wilderness excursions.

Falina carries a compact painting kit with essential colors and tools everywhere to render striking moments spontaneously. She rambles and scrambles and is present by painting. The results are one-of-a-kind, honest, immediate images resonant with spirit of place.

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If you are interested in purchasing an original artwork , please contact Falina

New artworks are added seasonally.  Come back to see more, and follow on Instagram to see w
orks in progress


New Paintings

Glacier National Park Paintings

Fire Lookouts, Ramshackle Shacks and Campsites